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Hands on Horses Massage Treatments

Outlined below are the treatments I offer. I am more than happy to discuss your horse's issues before booking any treatment. Simply use the form below or call me on 07853 290828. Don't forget, permission is needed from your vet before any treatment can begin. Click here to find out more information. Gift vouchers are available on request.

Assessment and Full Body Massage  |  £60

I begin by discussing the general performance and disposition of your horse. I then ask whether your horse has obvious issues; such as head tossing, coordination difficulties, sore back or choppy strides, to name just a few. After a walk or trot evaluation, I examine muscle tone, body symmetry and range of motion. The massage will begin slowly as your horse may be a little curious as to what is happening. Working on key muscle groups I massage to dissolve tension in the tight areas – but using my experience and training I will identify less obvious tension that may have spread to other areas of your horse. This treatment, including the full body massage usually takes just under 2 hours..

1 Hour Massage  |  £45

As a follow up treatment, this 1 hour massage is designed to provide a bespoke massage that is exactly what your horse requires. Like people, our equine friends often have historic weaknesses, areas where their muscle and skeletal structure are prone to tension. This can be caused by accumulated stress due to repetitive positioning and motion, or more usually a lack of elasticity in certain tendons or muscles. Working over these areas with a series of firm but gentle strokes that break down tension, the muscles warm up and relax. This increases blood flow which supplies important nutrients, helping the muscles to heal naturally, reduce inflammation and diminish pain. This stimulation of the circulation is one of the most important aspects of equine massage and cannot be achieved by simply warming your horse through exercise or other means. If you wish to know more about the benefits of equissage, feel free to email me using the form below.

Pre or Post Event Massage  |  £40

Both the pre and post event massage treatments share much in common with the 1 hour massage.

With the pre event massage the focus is on two very important areas. Firstly, to increase your horse’s performance by allowing the muscles to fully extend and contract with each stride. Secondly, to decrease the risk of injury by allowing for a full and proper mechanical motion during the event.

The post event massage aims to calm your horse and to significantly reduce recovery time. Precise strokes will help to disperse lactic acid and increase the level of endorphins in the blood which, in turn, increases your horse's mental well being, ready for its return to its usual routine.

Both the pre and post event treatments usually take just under an hour.

Group Treatment  |  By Quotation

Savings can be made by requesting treatments for 2 to 6 horses on the same day and at the same location. The savings can be as high as 30%, so it's certainly worth considering. Group treatments require careful planning, so it's best to start your enquiry 3 to 4 weeks prior an event.

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