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The Key Benefits of Equine Massage

Equissage was founded in 1989 by certified Human Massage Therapist, Mary A. Schreiber. Mary became interested in using massage on animals, and specifically horses, as a result of the outstanding benefits she saw on human clients.


As she began to witness first hand the effectiveness of the therapy on her own horses, she decided to market her equine massage service at local racetracks. The results were remarkable. Horses that hadn’t finished in the money in over a year were starting to win, and horses who had been given up on were back working and racing competitively. At the same time, she also began working on show horses at many of the shows at which she was competing. The results were the same, horses were performing better than they had in years, and muscle injuries were healing faster than owners and trainers believed possible.


As a consequence, Mary was besieged with requests to start teaching the therapy to others. Trainers, owners and riders were all interested in learning this wonderful “new” therapy. Thus was born the Equissage Certificate Program in Equine Sports Massage Therapy.


Massage can be performed pre event, post event or routinely. Pre event loosens and warms the muscles and calms excitable horses. Post event relieves pain and stiffness by returning muscles to a normal state faster, removes toxins and helps the cool down process.  Routine massage helps maintain your horse's optimal condition, helps detect developing problems but most importantly is enjoyable for them..


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  1. Equine massage eases muscle spasms, tightness and inflammation
  2. Increases blood flow which promotes healing and the distribution of essential nutrients throughout the body
  3. Triggers the lymphatic system
  4. Aids the rapid restoration of damaged muscle groups


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